High Security Nightlatch: A Fast and Cost-Effective Upgrade

When considering a lock upgrade, the focus often turns to nightlatches, as they are the most common front door lock securing wooden doors. There are four types of nightlatches, each varying in terms of security and cost. Transitioning from a basic nightlatch to a high-security variant can be a remarkably effective security upgrade.

The highest security auto-deadbolt nightlatch has a bolt that automatically deadbolts when the door is closed. Unlike a traditional latch, which is vulnerable to manipulation by intruders (see how a burglar can do this is less than 30 seconds HERE), a bolt offers enhanced resistance.

Case Study: Tim's Door Security Transformation

Let's explore a real-life scenario to illustrate the impact of such an upgrade. Meet Tim, who was concerned about the security of his home. He had a sturdy but slightly weathered 6-panel hardwood door that needed repainting. In terms of locks, his door had a 5-lever mortice deadlock and a rather flimsy standard nightlatch. 

To embark on his security transformation journey, Tim first conducted thorough research on the various lock types, gaining insights into the advantages and disadvantages of his existing standard nightlatch and lever mortice deadlock. After careful consideration, he decided to retain the 5-lever deadlock but invest in a higher-quality nightlatch with automatic deadbolt functionality, providing the assurance that his door would be securely locked every time it closed. 

Transformation Steps

The Door: Tim decided to keep his existing door but refreshed its appearance with a matte exterior paint job.

The Locks: He opted for a high-security Finfort Auto-Deadbolt nightlatch to significantly enhance overall security and reliability.

Ironmongery: Tim removed the door numbers, as a decorative number plate was already in place. In their stead, he installed a new Victorian Brass door knocker and a matching brass-finish letter plate and covered escutcheon for the deadbolt.

Installation: To complete the transformation, Tim enlisted the services of a local handyman who expertly fitted the new nightlatch, ironmongery, and gave the door a fresh coat of paint.

Shopping List and Total Cost

  • High Security Auto-Deadbolt Nightlatch: £257
  • Black Paint: £35
  • Letterbox and Knocker: £50
  • Labour: £200

     Total Cost: £542

End Result

Tim's efforts not only elevated the security of his door from a simple latch to an automatic deadbolt but also breathed new life into his entryway. All of this was accomplished with a relatively modest investment in terms of both cost and effort.

Refurbished wooden door with Finfort Auto Deadbolt Nightlatch

What Tim has to say

"The Finfort lock is excellent. Really easy to use and a massive improvement on what we had previously. Our front door is looking great with it."


By upgrading your locks and making thoughtful enhancements, you too can enjoy enhanced security and a refreshed look for your home's entryway, offering peace of mind and curb appeal in one go.