The Budget Saver's Guide to a Stylish New Wooden Front Door

New Front Door: What Will it Cost?

Often, the aspiration for an elegant, high-security front door is tempered by the perceived financial barrier. The cost of a bespoke wooden front door and frame can easily exceed £5,000, especially if you seek designs inspired by the Edwardian, Georgian, or Victorian periods. However, here's where a twist of imagination can transform your entrance with a small budget.

Case Study: Sarah's 'Off the Shelf' Front Door 

Read Sarah real-life experience to explore how she transformed her entrance on a modest budget.

Before: Starting Point

Her existing door frame was in good condition, but her door itself had seen better days, adorned with mismatched locks and rudimentary door hardware. 

Transformation Steps

Instead of opting for a costly bespoke solution, Sarah pieced together her vision, cherry-picking the door, high-security locks, and door furniture that resonated with her sense of style. 

The Door: Sarah explored many door options from online door retailers such as Todd's Doors and discovered that she could save a substantial sum by selecting a standard-sized, six-panel mahogany door herself.

The locks: The high-security Finfort triple door lock set was the largest investment but repays every time the door is closed as 2 of the locks - top and bottom - automatically deadbolt every time the door is closed.  They are easy to use and are opened in any order, with one hand.

The paint: Sarah's bold choice of Farrow & Ball 'Ground Pink' external paint defies convention and showcases her confident and fun-loving personality. 

Dragon Fly knocker: Completing the ensemble is the Dragon Fly door knocker sourced from online home & decor retailer Homary, a delightful and whimsical touch that reflects Sarah's unique style.

Shopping List & Total Cost

  • Standard 6 Panel Mahogany Door £450
  • High Security Triple Door Lock Set £687
  • Letterbox, knocker, hinges £100
  • 'Pink Ground' Paint £68
  • 'Dragon Fly' Door Knocker £55
  • Labour £350

     Total Cost £1,710 

After: End Result

Sarah's has achieved the perfect blend of elegance and security but also managed to do so while being mindful of her budget investing just £1,710. She has transformed her home's exterior, maximising her home's kerb appeal, creating a welcoming and secure environment that reflects her unique style and personality.

Sarah's Reaction

"The front door for me was my favourite part of the entire house refurbishment, the front door is what has given me the most joy. "


This case study underscores the idea that with a touch of imagination, wise choices, and a limited budget, your home's entrance can be a reflection of your individuality, style, and security needs. It's a testament to the fact that making a statement with your front door doesn't require a hefty financial commitment. With the right approach, you can achieve an outcome that not only enhances the visual appeal of your home but also resonates with your personality and style.