The FinBolt automatic deadbolt lock

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Easy upgrade to automatic deadbolting - fit a FinBolt, keeping any existing BS3621 lock

  • Fits to top, middle or bottom of door
  • British Standard BS8621: thumbturn inside for easy exit
  • ABS Avocet 3 Star kitemarked cylinder with 3 keys
  • Registered keys cannot be copied without permission
  • Snib button to temporarily disable deadbolt
  • 10 year warranty

Suitable for doors of 44mm – 53mm thickness. For thicker doors, email contact@finfort.co.uk.          Delivered within 3 working days.        ETA on Satin Brass, Antique Brass, and Matt Bronze July 2022.

  • Simple security upgrade – Adding a FinBolt will give you automatic deadbolting, that works seamlessly with your existing insurance BS3621 compliant locks, automatically locking without turning a key.
  • Easy exit assured – TS2007 3 star thumbturn cylinder from ABS Avocet so you can always exit quickly in case of emergency. 
  • Registered keys to offer the highest security – your FinBolt soft grip keys cannot be copied without permission. Additional keys can be ordered online by key card holders only.
  • Built and tested to British standards – BS8621 certified including a 21mm steel bolt that can withstand 10kn of force and a hardened steel lock case that can withstand 5 minutes of constant drilling.
  • Reliable long life assured – it has been tested 200,000 times (that’s about 20 years of use for an average house) to achieve its EN12209 certification and why we guarantee the lock for 10 years.
  • Award-winning design – Awarded ‘Best Product’ by the Master Locksmith Association in 2019.
  • Heavy duty lockguards – adding extra protection to the cylinders against tampering and act as a visual deterrent to a burglar.
  • Sleek & elegant design – embedded into the door. Elegant door furniture suitable to period or modern doors.
  • Deadbolt disabler for your convenience – built-in snib button to temporarily disable your deadbolt, handy for loading and unloading the car, for example.

Our Promise To You


Automatically Locks

Automatically deadbolts when the door is closed keeping your home safer


Registered Keys

Secure key registration so keys can never be copied without your permission


Tested to BS8621

Expertly crafted & tested 200,000 times for durability and to resist burglar attack


Award-winning design

The Master Locksmith Association’s ‘Best Product’ in 2019


Made in the UK

Using the best of British design & engineering

Adding a FinBolt is an easy security upgrade to automatic deadlocking.

It works with your existing insurance compliant locks.

High security no longer means clunky or ugly.

The compact FinBolt lock comes in standard sizes to fit the vast majority of wooden doors.

The FinBolt has sleek & elegant lockguards that suit both period and modern wooden doors.

Why we created it

We believe everyone should have the choice of beautiful high-security door locks that do justice to the discerning homes they secure.  We are passionate about providing beautiful, convenient, high-security door locking solutions that make a great first impression. 

We created the FinBolt after years of being dissatisfied with traditional locks that require users to stop and lock.  The fact is most people don’t have time to lock their doors properly which unfortunately leaves them vulnerable to opportunist burglary.  FinBolt co-founder Hilary Duggan fell foul of just this when she walked in on a burglar in her home in London. This experience has driven her passion to find a better way to keep our homes secure.

After several years of design, prototyping, patenting and testing, the FinBolt lock is unlike any other. It combines elegant design with award-winning engineering to secure your home automatically, without ever having to turn a key. The thumbturn mechanism ensures you can always get out fast when you need to so you can enjoy safer, automated door security that never compromises on style.

The FinBolt is an easy upgrade to automatic deadbolting which complements your existing British Standard 3621 (BS3621) door locks.

Frequently Asked Questions

'Just one lock on a door isn’t enough. Burglars can use their foot to check whether there is a dead lock on the door. If the door moves more than two millimetres, they will immediately know that your door isn’t double locked, giving them easier access to your property.’ Former burglar turned security expert Michael Fraser

A latch is a passive form of locking a door, It is only meant to act as keeping the door closed and to stop people just walking in. A burglar can slip a latch in less than 30 seconds.  See how they do it.

By deadbolting automatically, the FinBolt greatly reduces the risk of burglary as the door is always deadbolted when closed.  It only takes one occasion to forget to manually deadbolt your door to become an easy target for an opportunist thief.  Our customers tell us that knowing their doors are always deadbolted just by closing them is incredibly reassuring and that they could never go back to manual deadbolting. 

The FinBolt combines two unique ideas: a connected trigger & bolt action that automatically deadbolts your door every time you close it and, a holdback function so that when you unlock the FinBolt, it stays temporarily unlocked for your convenience, allowing you to remove the key to open any other locks on the door.  The action of closing the door will retrigger the deadbolt automatically every time

A FinBolt can be added to your door alongside your existing locks, delivering all the functionality of automatic deadbolting.  Alternatively, you can choose the FinBolt dual or triple door sets which are  BS3621 insurance compliant and are made up of either 2 or 3 door locks that use identical Avocet ABS 3 star TS2007 cylinders so one key opens all locks (say goodbye to your heavy bunch of keys!)

If you are looking for high security locks for an existing door and you already have at least one British Standard 3621 lock (BS3621), then we recommend you keep your existing locks and add The FinBolt which is an easy upgrade to automatic deadbolting and comes in a choice of size and finish to match your existing locks and door furniture (letter box, knocker etc).

If you are looking for locks for an existing door but do not have at least one BS3621 lock now OR if you are replacing your door, then we recommend FinBolt Dual Door Set which is a beautifully matching high-security, BS3621 insurance compliant door set that automatically deadbolts your door with a 21mm automatic deadbolt and also has a manual deadbolt which you can choose when to you.

If you are looking for locks for a new door which will be clearly visible from the street in a busy, built-up area then we recommend FinBolt Triple Door Set which is a beautifully matching, BS3621 insurance compliant door set that simultaneously deadbolts at two points on your door with two 21mm automatic deadbolts for the most convenient high security and also includes a manual deadbolt which you can choose when to you.  

The FinBolt is a BS8621 door lock with thumbturn cylinder as we believe homeowners should always be able to get out of their home fast in case of fire or any other emergency.  A FinBolt can be added to doors with an existing BS3621 night latch or mortised BS3621 deadbolt therefore the door will remain insurance compliant.  FinBolt dual and triple door sets are BS3621 insurance compliant as the door set is a mix of BS8621 FinBolt & BS3621 kitemarked manual deadbolt locks

Polished brass and chrome are the standard finishes as these complement the majority of existing door locks that the FinBolt may be added to.  However, other bespoke finishes like satin chrome, antique brass and bronze are available as a special order.  If you have something particular in mind, get in touch at contact@finfort.co.uk to discuss

The security of a lock can't be determined visually, so physical assessments are carried out to evaluate the lock's security by rigorously testing wear and tear over time and replicating the most commonplace methods of compromising the lock. The standards for locks are produced by the British Standards Institution (BSI). A lock that conforms to the required British Standards will display the numbers of the standards it has passed. The most common domestic locks will usually show BS3621 or BS8621.

To check if your locks are British Standard, look out for the British Standard Kite Mark or the British Standard number BS3621. We've included photos of two common domestic locks (Mortise Locks and Night Latches) to help you identify which locks you have and where the kite mark can be found. 

British Standard. Mortise Lock

British Standard. Night Latch

• They are tested to resist attack from drilling the case for at least 5 minutes using standard tools.
• The bolt will resist attack by cutting or drilling for 5 minutes.
• There must be a mechanism in place to resist manipulation (picking) of the lock.
• The bolt must project at least 20mm into a full bodied steel keep when locked.
• There must be at least 1000 differs to the range of locks. This is how many key shapes will differ between locks. If there is a street with 1001 front doors with all the same make and model of lock fitted then somewhere one key will fit two doors.
• The locking bolt is tested to withstand 10Kn sidewards force before the lock fails.
• It has successfully completed durability testing of 200,000 cycles of use.

Avocet ABS 3 star cylinders come with a key code card unique to your cylinder with the option of secure online key registration directly with Avocet.  You can purchase additional keys securely online. This means that if your keys are lost or stolen, it will not be possible for copies to be made without knowledge of the key card code.  If you wish, you can register your code directly with Avocet to ensure that you can get extra keys cut even if you have lost your card or can't remember which key code was for what door.