Innovations in security.

Finfort Ltd combines the insights architecture gives into how we use our homes and workplaces with the technical expertise that turns innovations into practical, well-engineered answers.

Timothy Finn

Andrew Taylor

Unique combination of skills.

Founder and architect Timothy Finn, designed and prototyped the earlier models of the FinBolt. Timothy observed how many security measures are rendered useless because occupants forget or don’t bother using them. In designing and building the FinBolt,  Timothy set out to automate the deadbolting of doors in an aesthetically unobtrusive manner, thus giving fail safe, enhanced security with minimalist looks. 

Partnering Timothy in the evolution of the FinBolt is renowned engineer and designer Andrew Taylor.  Andrew's family has been connected with lock design for over 80 years and has been associated with such names as Yale, Ingersoll and Bramah. Andrew is a well renowned expert in the field of lock design. With many patented innovations to his name, Andrew consults on locks and other security devices for the insurance industry, crime prevention programmes and the Armed Forces.

Finfort Ltd is an affiliate member of the Master Locksmith Association,  and has brought architectural insight together with security design expertise to produce its patented product, the FinBolt.