Elegant High Security Door Locks
with Automatic Deadbolts

Because you deserve to feel secure in your home
Protect your home
Keep your family secure
Get complete peace of mind

Keeping your family and home secure shouldn’t be a challenge

We all want to feel secure in our home. But it’s easy to forget to double lock the front door when we’re busy. And no-one needs the stress of wondering whether you’ve locked up properly. Knowing your loved ones and your home are properly protected shouldn’t be so hard.
Protect your home
Keep your family secure
Get complete peace of mind

FinBolt keeps your home secure, without ever turning a key

When you live in London, protecting your loved ones and your home is a concern. We get it. You deserve to feel secure in the day and sleep soundly at night. But securing your doors effectively is a challenge. That’s why we created FinBolt. A ground-breaking door lock solution that combines elegance and the best of British craftmanship to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Watch the video below to find out what makes FinBolt the most secure door lock on the market…

Beautiful locks that secure your home automatically

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Every day 936 houses are broken into across England - don’t let one of them be yours

76% of burglars enter through a door. Upgrading to automatic deadbolt door locks is one of the most effective ways to protect your home and loved ones.
Protect your home
Keep your family secure
Get complete peace of mind

A burglar can slip a latch in less than 30 seconds

The only fail-safe automatic deadbolt lock on the market - the elegant award-winning FinBolt offers complete peace of mind


"I am in and out of the house 10 times a day doing school runs & activities with the kids. I have never locked the door properly but always had a nagging doubt about it. That worry disappeared since we got a FinBolt dual set. I love it!”


“I can’t tell you how glad I am that I got a FinBolt. Knowing my door is deadbolted just by closing the door is so reassuring. Well worth the investment to have complete peace of mind.”


“I was sceptical about trying out an automatic bolt - it sounded too good to be true - but 6 months on and I love it. I never have to worry whether I’ve locked up properly. I couldn’t imagine going back to manual locking now. It’s just so easy with a FinBolt.” 


I was very keen to meet Timothy Finn and find out about FinBolt, a lock which automatically deadbolts a wooden door. This is something very unique on the market and I don’t think there is anything similar that is for the residential market. I know so many people who don’t use their deadlock, leaving their property unsecured and invalidating their insurance policy.

Martin Slane
IKS Locksmiths

“This lock is going to become iconic and I’m sure become part of the heritage of British locksmiths.”

Brian Morland
History of Locks Museum Curator

Three simple steps to securing your home - automatically.

1. Select your FinBolt

Choose the FinBolt lock solution to suit your door. Not sure what system you need? Give us a quick call on 0207 704 5287.

2. Organise fitting

Your handyman, builder or local locksmith will fit your elegant FinBolt using these fitting instructions.

3. Relax

Relax knowing that your door security is taken care of with an ultra secure, stylish lock. All without any effort.