About us

Innovations in security.

We believe everyone should have the choice of beautiful high-security automatic deadbolt door locks  and door lock sets that do justice to the unique homes they secure.  We are passionate about providing beautiful, convenient, high-security door solutions that make a great first impression. 

We created the Finfort automatic deadbolt after years of being dissatisfied with traditional locks that require users to stop and lock.  The fact is most people don’t have time to lock their doors properly which unfortunately leaves them vulnerable to opportunist burglary. We were determined to resolve the need to 'double lock' traditional wooden doors.

After several years of design, prototyping, patenting and testing, the Finfort Auto-Deadbolt Nightlatch and the Finfort  Automatic Deadbolt  couple elegance with functionality to deliver simpler, safer and stylish door security.

Finfort combines the architectural insights into how we use our homes and workplaces, with the technical expertise that drives innovation to produce practical well-engineering solutions to improve our daily lives. The patented Finfort automatic deadbolt redefines the deadbolt lock to give superior security effortlessly.

Timothy Finn, architect and founder of Finfort, designed and prototyped the earlier models of the automatic deadbolt. Timothy observed how many security measures are rendered useless because occupants forget or don’t bother using them. In designing and building the Finfort automatic deadbolt, Timothy set out to automate the deadbolting of doors in an aesthetically unobtrusive manner, thus giving fail safe, enhanced security with minimalist looks.  

Partnering Timothy in the evolution of the Finfort automatic deadbolt is renowned engineer and designer Andrew Taylor.  Andrew's family has been connected with lock design for over 80 years and has been associated with such names as Yale, Ingersoll and Bramah. Andrew is a well renowned expert in the field of lock design. With many patented innovations to his name, Andrew consults on locks and other security devices for the insurance industry, crime prevention programmes and the Armed Forces.

Hilary Duggan, is co-founder of Finfort and drives the process of transforming the company’s creative ideas into a commercial reality.  She manages new product development, identifies new market opportunities, and develops relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. Prior to Finfort, Hilary was a Financial Services project manager leading large transformation projects for corporate and retail banks.

The FinSync Project. Finfort continues to design new products and to add to its automatic deadbolt product range. Work has begun on the FinSync, an ambitious project to develop an automatic deadbolt lock case designed to enhance the mechanical security of smart lock offerings with a unique patent pending mechanism.