Manual Deadbolt

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BS3621 kitemarked, insurance-rated, high-security 22mm deadbolt with large protective lockguards, operates with a registered key from both sides. Can be keyed-alike to other Finfort locks. 

  • British Standard BS3621:  Keyed internally and externally
  • Registered keys cannot be copied without permission
  • Heavy duty protective lockguards 
  • 3 Star kitemarked cylinder 
  • Registered keys x 3
  • Insurance compliant
  • 10 year warranty
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  • Product includes:
    1. 1 x BS3621 kitemarked deadbolt lock
    2. 1 x FinKey striker plate
    3. 1 x large security lockguards
    4. 1 x TS2007 3 star key operated cylinder
    5. 3 x registered keys
  • Insurance compliant – BS3621 kitemarked manual deadbolt.
  • High-security cylinder – TS2007 3 star key operated cylinder from ABS Avocet.   They are designed to resist attack by snapping, picking, drilling and bumping.  They are British Kitemarked and Secure by Design Accredited.   ABS cylinder technical info


  • Registered keys offer the highest security – keys cannot be copied without permission. Additional keys can be ordered online by key card holders only.
  • Built and tested to British standards – BS3621 certified including a 22mm steel bolt that can withstand 10kn of force and a hardened steel lock case that can withstand 5 minutes of constant drilling.
  • Reliable long life assured – it has been tested 200,000 times (that’s about 20 years of use for an average house) and why we guarantee the lock for 10 years.
  • Heavy duty lockguards – adding extra protection to the cylinders against tampering and act as a visual deterrent to a burglar.
  • Sleek & elegant design – embedded into the door. Elegant door furniture suitable to period or modern doors.