Typical wooden doors in the UK have 2 locks - a nightlatch that keeps the door closed and a deadbolt (also called a deadlock) that delivers the real security.

Insurers require at least one British Standard mortice deadbolt lock conforming to BS3621 or a 5 lever mortice lock. Both refer to a deadbolt operated by a key from both sides.


BS3621 certified deadbolts or deadlocks must include a 20mm bolt and resist attack by drilling, cutting and picking.

5 Lever Mortice Locks are traditional deadbolt lock mechanisms that are recessed into the door. They are identifiable by their old-style key type, often referred to as a "Chubb key".

Increasingly, 3 star euro cylinder locks are replacing 5 lever locks in popularity because euro cylinders can be keyed alike whereas 5 lever locks cannot.

Finfort’s kitemarked BS3621 deadbolt lock comes with registered keys and includes large protective lockguards to further protect its 3 star cylinder.

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There are 4 types, with a standard night latch being the least secure and an auto-deadbolt nightlatch being the most secure.

Whilst convenient, standard nightlatches are considered poor security as they rely on a latch rather than a bolt and are therefore are vulnerable to 'slipping'.

Finfort’s auto-deadbolt nightlatch is BS8621 certified. It is a high-security lock that has a bolt rather than a latch that deadbolts automatically when the door is shut.

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The security of front or back door locks relies heavily on the quality of the cylinder as well as the lock case.

Finfort door locks are equipped with TS2007 3 star euro cylinders, which are rigorously designed and tested to withstand five different methods of attack: lock snapping, drilling, picking, bumping, and plug extraction. These 3-star cylinders are considered the market leader in high-security cylinder locks.


Registered keys means they cannot be copied without permission, keeping you in control. Registered key holders control who can securely order extra keys online.

All Finfort locks come with registered keys and exclusive key registration card.

Finfort's euro lock cylinders are replaceable at any time in the future. Furthermore. additional Finfort locks purchased in the future (e.g. for a back door) can be keyed to the same key to create a one key home.


Finfort locks are proudly made in the UK using the best of British design and engineering and come with a 10-year guarantee. Each Finfort lock undergoes rigorous testing to meet our high-quality assurance standards before leaving the production line and again before being packed to your exact door lock set order requirements.