Frequently Asked Questions


A deadbolt is far more secure than a latch bolt. A latch is a passive form of locking a door. A burglar can slip a latch in less than 30 seconds.  See how they do it.

Former burglar turned security expert Michael Fraser "Just one lock on a door isn’t enough. Burglars can use their foot to check whether there is a dead lock on the door. If the door moves more than two millimetres, they will immediately know that your door isn’t double locked, giving them easier access to your property.’

An automatic deadbolt automatically locks the door with a solid deadbolt every time the door closes. The lock mechanism has a connected trigger and bolt action: when the trigger makes contact with the strike plate in the door frame, the lock throws the deadbolt to secure the door automatically. 

View a video here.

An automatic deadbolt is more secure as a thief cannot slip it as they could latch, and you can’t forget to lock it as you would a manual deadbolt.  Therefore, you never make your home an easy target for an opportunist thief. 

Firstly, the Finfort automatic deadbolt throws an 11mm thick by 21mm long solid hardened steel deadbolt on door closure.Secondly, it is morticed into the door which is much more secure than a side mounted lock. Finally, it has a unique patented feature: when a Finfort automatic deadbolt is unlocked, the deadbolt retracts and is held by an ‘internal holdback’ which temporarily keeps the deadbolt in an unlocked position while the key is removed to open any other locks on the door.

This means that it is possible to fit two automatic deadbolts on the same door that can be opened in any order with one key using one hand.  This superior functionality is unique to Finfort Locks and was awarded prizes by both the Master Locksmith Association in 2019 and the Society for British & International Design in 2021.

If you are looking for high security locks for an existing door and you already have at least one British Standard 3621 lock (BS3621), then we recommend you keep your existing locks and add a Finfort auto deadbolt which is an easy upgrade to automatic deadbolting and comes in a choice of size and finish to match your existing locks and door furniture (letter box, knocker etc).

If you are looking for locks for an existing door but do not have at least one BS3621 lock now OR if you are replacing your door, then we recommend Finfort door lock set which is a beautifully matching high-security, BS3621 insurance compliant door set that automatically deadbolts your door with a 21mm automatic deadbolt and also has a manual deadbolt which you can choose when to you.

If you are looking for locks for a new door which will be clearly visible from the street in a busy, built-up area then we recommend FinBolt Triple Door Set which is a beautifully matching, BS3621 insurance compliant door set that simultaneously deadbolts at two points on your door with two 21mm automatic deadbolts for the most convenient high security and also includes a manual deadbolt which you can choose when to you.  

Yes, a Finfort Auto-deadbolt can be added to your door and will work alongside any nightlatch to automatically 'double lock' a door. Its patented mechanism allows locks to be opened, one after the other, with one hand.

Yes, our door locks sets are insurance compliant as they contain a British Standard mortice lock that meet the requirements of BS3621 (e.g. operated by a key from both sides). 

Our auto-deadbolt nightlatch and automatic deadbolt with thumbturn cylinders are BS8621 door locks as we believe everyone should be able to exit in an emergency without keys.  These locks can be added to existing doors that already have a BS3621 lock in place to create a highly secure, insurance compliant door.

Yes.  The quality, safety and reliability of entrance door locks is determined and enforced by the British Standards Institution.  Finfort door locks have been designed and successfully tested to conform to lock standards BS3621 and BS8621.

• They are tested to resist attack from drilling the case for at least 5 minutes using standard tools.
• The bolt will resist attack by cutting or drilling for 5 minutes.
• There must be a mechanism in place to resist manipulation (picking) of the lock.
• The bolt must project at least 20mm into a full bodied steel keep when locked.
• There must be at least 1000 differs to the range of locks. This is how many key shapes will differ between locks. If there is a street with 1001 front doors with all the same make and model of lock fitted then somewhere one key will fit two doors.
• The locking bolt is tested to withstand 10Kn sidewards force before the lock fails.
• It has successfully completed durability testing of 200,000 cycles of use.


Keyed alike means one key can open all the locks on a door so you don't need 2 or 3 keys to open your door, just one.

A registered key cannot be cut without permission.  Finfort locks use ABS Avocet 3 star high security cylinders which come with 3 dimple keys and a key code card that is unique to your cylinder(s).  If your keys are lost or stolen, it will not be possible for copies to be made without knowledge of the key card code.  You can avail of secure online key code registration directly with Avocet.  Registering your code means you will be able to get extra keys cut even if you have lost your card.

The process is quick and simple.  Register your key code directly with ABS Avocet here

Yes.  You can order extra keys when you order your Finfort lock(s) by adding 3 EXTRA KEYS to your cart.  If you need more keys in the future, please get in touch by email or phone and we will be pleased to arrange that for you.

Yes, if you fit Finfort locks on another door at any time in the future, we can arrange for them all to be keyed-alike so one key opens all locks. Say goodbye to heavy bunch of keys!

Yes, as part of our triple door lock set that comprises 2 x BS8621 automatic deadbolts with thumbturn cylinder and 1 x BS3621 manual deadbolt with key cylinder. 

If you only want 2 locks on your door we can offer our dual door lock set which comprises 1 x BS8621 automatic deadbolt with thumbturn cylinder and 1 x BS3621 manual deadbolt with key cylinder.

As Insurers mandate that there must be at least one BS3621 lock that is locked from both sides with a key, we do not offer a dual set made up of 2 x automatic deadbolts as standard.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your exact requirements.


3 star locks are recognised as market leading high security cylinder locks.  Finfort door locks include TS2007 3 star euro-cylinders which are designed and tested to withstand 5 methods of attack, including lock snapping, drilling, picking, bumping and plug extraction.

No.  This is one of the great advantages of our locks.  If you ever needed to, you can easily replace the locking euro cylinders without changing the entire lock. This is done without taking the lock case out of the door and does not require specialist skill.


Our door lock sets come with one door pull as standard. The door pull is a plate that can be fitted to the internal or external side of the door though if you only have one, we recommend using it for the internal side.  If you have a door knob on the external side of the door, you do not need a door pull but you may choose to have it anyway for aesthetic reasons.

Yes, we can help with this.  Just contact us by phone or email.  For example, customers often buy a second door pull so they can have one on both the external as well as internal side of the door.

Yes, Finfort lock finishes colour match Heritage Brass door furniture range which is readily available to purchase from many online sellers. 

Yes, Finfort automatic deadbolts are particularly well suited to outward opening doors.  A latch lock on an outward opening door can be easily opened.  A Finfort automatic deadbolt greatly reduces this vulnerability as a solid bolt cannot be easily manipulated, even when the bolt is visible. On an outward opening door, because our locks include a deadbolt tumbler feature so that the deadbolt cannot be forced backwards when in the locked position, even under a very substantial backwards force.

Regular orders are delivered within 5 days via tracked DPD courier*.  If your order includes additional keys it will take a few days longer as these may need to be ordered in.

* During holiday periods (August & Christmas), please allow 10 days for delivery.

No! This is one of the unique and patent-pending features of the Finfort automatic deadbolt. The innovative configuration of levers and springs in the lockcase mean that each deadbolt can be opened and will stay open in the door frame while other locks are opened. Therefore locks can be opened in any order with one hand with the same key.