Front Door Face-Lift: 5 Quick and Budget-Friendly Refurbishing Tips

Renovating your old wooden door presents a range of compelling reasons, including sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and the preservation of its unique character. By choosing renovation over replacement, you not only align with eco-friendly values but also save money while maintaining the timeless charm of your door. In this article, we'll explore five quick and easy refurbishment tips, all while sharing the real-life story of Cara, who achieved a remarkable security and style upgrade for her Victorian door without replacing it. 

The Benefits of Wooden Door Renovation

Sustainability: In an era emphasizing recycling and sustainability, renovating your old wooden door aligns perfectly with environmentally friendly values.

Cost-effectiveness: Renovation is often more cost-effective than replacing your wooden door, especially when cosmetic fixes are needed rather than structural changes.

Preservation of Character: If you cherish the sentimental value and classic charm of your wooden door, choosing to retain it can be a more favourable decision than opting for a modern alternative.

5 Tips for a Quick and Affordable Refurbishment

1. Refurbish & Repaint for a Fresh Look

To give your wooden door a new lease of life, use wood filler to smooth out uneven surfaces. Apply two coats of primer and choose exterior paint to protect it from the elements. Consider the finish based on your door's condition; gloss is ideal for flawless doors, while semi-gloss, satin, or matte finishes can hide imperfections. Brands like Farrow & Ball are perfect for period doors.

2. Upgrade to High-Security Door Locks for Peace of Mind:

Enhance security by choosing a high security BS3621 keyed alike insurance-rated door lock set comprising a nightlatch and a deadbolt. Auto-deadbolt nightlatches offer superior resistance to tampering, providing peace of mind. For convenience, consider a 3-star euro cylinder deadlock which can be keyed alike to the nightlatch unlike older style 5 lever deadlocks.  

    3. Enhance Glass-Paned Doors with Window Film:

    Achieve the classic appearance of etched glass affordably by applying window film. This not only maintains privacy but also gives your door an elegant look, reminiscent of Victorian designs.

    4. Revitalize or Replace Tarnished Door Furniture:

    Upgrading door furniture can revitalize your door's appearance. Look for premium-quality soli brass furniture for durability. If your existing furniture is of good quality but tarnished, restore its shine with Brass Restorer and Metal Polish.

    5. Frame Doorways with Climbing Foliage or Planters:

    Potted plants or shrubs can beautifully frame your front door. Fast-growing options like Virginia Creeper or Boston Ivy require minimal effort but make a significant visual impact.

    Cara's Front Door Makeover: A Case Study

    Cara wanted to update the security and style of her Victorian Terrace home's tired door. Initially considering a full replacement, she found inspiration in period home magazines and decided to renovate her existing door.

    Worn out wooden front door with tarnished door furniture and old locks

    Here's how she transformed her door:

    Transformation Steps

    Door Refurbishment: Cara enlisted a local handyman to fill, sand, prime, and paint her door, choosing Farrow & Ball Studio Green for the frame and Vert De Terre for the door.

    Security Upgrade: She opted for a high-security Finfort Dual Door Lock Set that is keyed alike and comes with registered keys.

    Decorative Glass Film: She applied a Victorian style glass effect window film from Purlfrost made to her exact measurements to hide the ugly security glass.

    Ironmongery: Cara was keen to keep the solid brass letter plate, knocker and numbers so she cleaned these with Brasso furniture polish.

    Installation: A handyman fitted the high-security locks and reinstalled the door furniture.

    Finishing touches: Cara planted a grapevine and replaced the door mat.

    Shopping List & Total Cost

    • High Security Door Lock Set: £429
    • Door Paint: £98
    • Decorative Glass Film £30
    • Brasso: £7
    • Grapevine: £20
    • New Mat: £30
    • Labour: £250
         Total Cost: £804

      End Result

      Cara successfully achieved her desired security and style upgrade while preserving her existing front door's character. Her decision to refurbish instead of replacing was not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective and sentimental. Cara's front door now stands as a testament to the power of refurbishment.

      Refurbished Wooden Door With Finfort dual door lock set



      Renovating your old wooden door offers a range of benefits, including sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and the preservation of its character. By following these quick and easy refurbishment tips, you can transform your door while contributing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, saving money, and maintaining its unique charm, just like Cara did.