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October 2020 Issue

Locksmiths Journal reviews the FinBolt

FinBolt wins the prestigious Best Product award at the MLA Expo '19

4 FinBolt Applications Displayed at MLA Expo 2019

The FinBolt automatically deadbolts an external door.

The FinBolt shown here is fitted on the bottom of an external wooden door and replaces the typical manual deadbolt. A standard BS 3621 nightlatch has also been fitted.

The simple action of shutting the door, will engage the nightlatch as normal but will also automatically deadbolt the FinBolt, with no need for keys. This ends the need for manual double locking.

Two FinBolts automatically deadbolting.

The FinBolt is a perfect nightlatch. The FinBolt has a unique holdback mechanism such that the FinBolt can stay unlocked in the doorframe. This allows each lock to be opened independently therefore two FinBolts can be fitted which deadlock simultaneously. This gives the ultimate security every time the door is shut.

The FinBolt deadbolts a push button lock.

The FinBolt case can be combined with a push button lock whereby the push button lock’s tubular latch is replaced by the FinBolt’s automatic deadbolt locking mechanism. The fail-safe action of the FinBolt gives the feel and reliability of a latch bolt AND achieves the enhanced security that comes with a deadbolt. The user experience of keyless access is unchanged but the combined solution delivers enhanced security with no additional effort.

FinBolt synergy with smart cylinders.

The FinBolt can be combined with a smart euro cylinder to give the perfect synergy of two dynamic products. The smart cylinder gives keyless multiplatform digital entry. The FinBolt gives a fail safe high security automatic deadbolt, greatly surpassing any latch bolt facility currently available to smart cylinders. Together these products give a perfect combination of convenience and security.