Why Finbolt

  • Simple security upgrade – Adding a FinBolt will give you automatic deadbolting, that works seamlessly with your existing insurance BS3621 compliant locks, automatically locking without turning a key.
  • Easy exit assured – TS2007 3 star thumbturn cylinder from ABS Avocet so you can always exit quickly in case of emergency. [Lee – can we include a link / ref / image of a thumbturn here (slide 7 image) ]
  • Registered keys to offer the highest security – your FinBolt soft grip keys cannot be copied without permission. Additional keys can be ordered online by key card holders only.
  • Built and tested to British standards – BS8621 certified including a 21mm steel bolt that can withstand 10kn of force and a hardened steel lock case that can withstand 5 minutes of constant drilling.
  • Reliable long life assured – it has been tested 200,000 times (that’s about 20 years of use for an average house) to achieve its EN12209 certification and why we guarantee the lock for 10 years.
  • Award-winning design – Awarded ‘Best Product’ by the Master Locksmith Association in 2019.
  • Heavy duty lockguards – adding extra protection to the cylinders against tampering and act as a visual deterrent to a burglar.
  • Sleek & elegant design – embedded into the door. Elegant door furniture suitable to period or modern doors.
  • Deadbolt disabler for your convenience – built-in snib button to temporarily disable your deadbolt, handy for loading and unloading the car, for example.